I am Brigitta travels and I have traveled a lot in this world, I have admired other palaces, cathedrals or gardens, I have applauded flamenco dancers, bullfighters, ballet dancers, I have admired the tulips in their home but the soul of Arad has always whispered to me that HOME is everything! My Arad is a city of palaces, elegance and common sense, home to so many outstanding personalities and pioneer in so many fields.

I have always campaigned for the discovery of the hidden treasures of the city, of the stories behind the people or buildings or various events. My greatest wish is to show you a beautiful Arad, worthy of any European city, a surprising destination for any foreigner, but, more than anything, my dear people of Arad, I want to help you “fall in love again” with the city that is your home!

I have a message for all of you from the old city of Arad:

This … this is YOUR HOME! And if this is your home, learn to respect it, love it, cherish it. Learn that we are Arad, we are the heart and soul of the city, we are the element that keeps this city alive. We are its future and those who will tell about it to our children … grandchildren and to foreigners … And for all those who live in this city, I have a proposal: as of tomorrow, please raise your eyes from the ground, please open your eyes wide and watch, the way a child would discover this city for the first time. I dare you to tell me what you see new, what elements have been ignored or overlooked so far. What’s caught your attention? 

I am Brigitta travels or in other words … Brigitta from Arad, who occasionally has the joy of talking about her trips in the wonderful world surrounding us!